Role : Level Designer, Programmer (Kismet)

With a team of 5 people we had to make a map with the Unreal Development Kit 3. We only used the assets already provided by UDK and concentrated on the Level Design.

The map is for the Capture the Flag mode and our aim was to exploit the verticality through a map which is dynamic and alive. Each flag is place at the center of each team base. Surrounded by a gigantic Titan, players can choose several paths to get there and catch their objective.

Only two weapons are available : the rocket launcher and the shock rifle. The first one is close to the spawning point of each team meanwhile the second is on the side of the map.

Level Design

I participated in the design of several aspects of the map including :

  • bumpers
  • spawn of each team
  • pick-ups (weapons, health and others)
  • teleporters
  • movable platforms
  • elevator

I merged the work of each member of the team during the conception of the map and I also took care of the path node system for a possible integration of bots.


I created all the kismets of the map so I worked on almost each element listed on the Level Design section. With this system, I worked on :

  • trigger
  • animation (via matinee)
  • damage reaction
  • implement CTF mode in a map
  • spawning system
  • sound implementation
Game Design

I participated to the creation of the gameplay map and made the presentation video you can watch above.