Role : Level Designer, Programmer

From june to september 2014 I went to Singapore for my 4th year internship. I worked in Nanyang Polytechnic with a small team of supervisors and employees in order to made a game for the publisher Degica. The project had already begun so I was put in charge of the level design and scripting of the game Monomino.

In Monomino, the player has to guide Blockies Babies to the end of the level by creating a path with Tetrominos and power-ups. Babies go in straight line until they run into an obstacle of at least 2 blocks in high. Otherwise they can climb it.

For each level, the player has a certain number of Tetrominos among 3 kind of pieces and also some power ups. To place a piece the player needs to click on the one of his choice and then click again where he wants to put it in the level. The input Q and E are used to rotate the selected piece to the left or the right.

Level Design

During my internship, I made over 60 levels for Monomino. I worked on a 64*64 grid in order to create them and I kept in mind two guide principles : reflex and reflexion.
I balanced the difficulty of each level according to several features :

  • number of Tetrominos available
  • number of babies to save
  • collectibles (at start and to pick)
  • camera bounds
  • gaps

I spent a lot of time to improve the code of the game and replace some old features. My main missions were to make :

  • a new Audio Manager
  • the saving system
  • the camera movement
  • improvements for most of the prefab

I also solved an important amount of bug about the collisions, the speed of the game, the progress bar, the victory and defeat condition and fixed some graphical issues as well.

Game Design

The concept of the game was already finish when I arrived in Singapore so I focused on my two main missions : level design and scripting/debug.

Team leading

I lead a small team of one programmer and one graphist during my whole internship. I also made contact with a team of external sound designers during the absence of my internship supervisor.