Role : Lead Game Designer, Level Designer

This is my final year project for Supinfogame. With a 8 people team, we are working on the Unreal Engine 4 and with the Oculus technology in order to create the most immersive experience.

Close Call is a survival in space using the virtual reality. In an uchronia of the Cold War, the player is put in the suit of an astronaut lost in a devasted russian space station. He must escapes while deciding to follow or not an Artificial Intelligence that is carrying.

The game offers two navigation systems : one in zero gravity and the other one on the ground but with an artificial gravity. During his journey, the avatar needs two main ressources which are the oxygen and the energy cells of his suit. With them, he may be able to reach an espace pod and get back home.

Level Design

I'm in charge of the creation of several levels in the game for both outside and inside phases. I work mostly with modular assets and BSP with a power 2 grid.

My tasks are :

  • creation of level concept
  • first iteration with BSP and static meshes
  • scripting for events and gameplay features
  • new iteration and playtest
  • polish of the level
Game Design

I created the concept of the game in the 4th year and I am now the Lead Game Designer on the project.

My mission is to design game mechanics, integrate them in the engine using the blueprint system and also work closely with the graphist team.

I worked on :

  • the navigation sytem and the controls
  • the camera in order to have a nice feeling with the Oculus Rift
  • the energy system (both oxygen and energy)
  • several gameplay assets

Since with have a full time programmer I don't work on the code of the game. I use the blueprint system and then create a behavior document so he can create a proper version of these mechanics in C++.

Team leading

Since I'm the Lead Game Designer of this small team, I had to create a production pipeline for the level design and work closely with the graphists and programmer.

The Lead Game Artist, Project Manager and myself check every week if we're heading in the right direction and we set deadline for important features of the game.