My Little Avengers is a project made in 14 days with a team of 10 people for Gameloft. Several constraints were imposed on us by the developer : we had to make a puzzle game and create an universe mixing the licence My Little Pony and Avengers. In a 3D environment, the player has to lead the ponies to the end of each levels by using his analysis & reflection skills. To do this, he must put the ponies at the right spot by switching their positions to avoid obstacles and collect the right objectives. Each pony has a simple objective which can be collect only by him and also 5 double objectives. These can be crossed by 2 ponies. The player must react in less than 5 secondes, a timer making the level scrolls automatically, and can switch a pony only once per turn. I created the concept and worked on the game design all along the project.
Tiny Poncho is a 3D Puzzle game where you have to lead Poncho, who needs to stay in the shadows in order to escape a mighty enemy: the God-Snake. The ability of the player are simple : – Touch the screen to make a sound which will attract Poncho – Slide on the screen to make the world turn This is a « work in progress » project. We are a total of 6 students working on the game and I am in charge of the Game Design, Level Design and also the programmation. For now, with have the core gameplay and we are focusing on the creation of the levels of the game.
The objective of this jam was to create an horror game without using asylum or characters suffering from mental illness. So the game takes place in a dangerous and endless forest infested with evil trees. They will try to catch you if you get too close and the only way to defeat them is to find and burn the « Mother Tree », source of all this corruption. But your only weapons are 3 lanterns which are lighting your path. We were a total of 8 students working on the game : 1 Game/Level designer, 5 Game Artist, and 2 Programmers. I was one of them and we use Unity with both Javascript and C#. We worked on the project after the jam was finish and we even included a Oculus support to the game.
With a team of 5 people we had to make a map with the Unreal Engine. We only used the assets already provided by UDK and concentrate on the Level Design. The map is a for the Capture the Flag mode and our aim was to exploit the verticality through a map which is dynamic and alive. I participate to the creation of the gameplay map (only basics blocks) and created all the kismets of the map. I also made the animation of some elements like the Titans overlooking the spawn points and the bridge.
Smip was a project we made in 14 days with a team of 10 people. It was part of a contest for 75th Anniversary of the famous publisher of comic albums Dupuis (Spirou & Fantasio, Lucky Luke, The Smurfs …) and this project won ! Playable on tablet, the player has to rotate the device to change the gravity of the ship. He has to collect the several magazines et comics that the character lost after a breakdown of the gravity generator. I created the concept of the game, designed game mechanics and interactive objects and also designed several levels for the game.