Role : Level Designer, Programmer Tiny Poncho is a 3D Puzzle game where you have to lead Poncho, who needs to stay in the shadows in order to escape a mighty enemy : the God-Snake. Abilities of the player are simple : Click in the ground to make a sound which will attract Poncho Press A or E to make the world turn We were a total of 6 students working on the game in our spare time. I was in charge of the Level Design and also a major part of the programmation. The game received a special jury mention for the Novaplay 2014 contest and was nominated to be presented at the FLIP 2014. Finally, Tiny Poncho was exposed  for the exhibition I LOVE TRANSMEDIA at the Gaïté Lyrique in Paris between the 2nd and 7th of October 2014. You can try the game here : Web Version and PC Version Level Design I created all the levels of the game and each one has a proper goal and theme. It was both hard and fun to designed this kind of puzzle with the four views while keeping in mind how the shadows will react and appears on the floor. In several […]
Role : Programmer                     The objective of this jam was to create an horror game without using asylum or characters suffering from mental illness. So the game takes place in a dangerous and endless forest infested with evil trees. They will try to catch you if you get too close and the only way to defeat them is to find and burn the "Mother Tree", source of all this corruption. But your only weapons are 3 lanterns which are lighting your path. We were a total of 8 students working on the game : 1 Game/Level designer, 5 Game Artist, and 2 Programmers. I was one of them and we use Unity with both Javascript and C#. We worked on the project after the jam was finished and we even included a Oculus support to the game. Programming As one a the two programmers of the game, I create scripts for : major part of the core gameplay IA tracking the player by using the A* pathfinding "unlimited" map system (the player being teleport to the opposite of the forest when he reaches the border) Oculus Rift support. Level Design Based on […]